Curated content hubs |

Curated content hubs

Highlight and organize content?on specific topics or campaigns.
Supplement your own resources with curated content.

Curated content hubs

Content that isn’t seen doesn’t generate results.

How can you easily showcase engaging content?

Create a beautiful, branded curated content hub

Use branded templates to create a new content site without having to code.

Easily deploy it on your website to showcase content in an engaging way.

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Create beautiful curated content hubs


Easy set-up

A plug and play solution that will get you started without requiring you to do any?technical work.


Branded templates

Design?a great content experience that reflects your brand’s look and feel.



Leverage multiple integration capabilities to offer a seamless experience to your website visitors.

publish curated content in a few clicks

Publish any type of content in minutes

Use our bookmarklet to publish any web page to your curated content hub?on the fly: articles, blogs, videos, infographics… And even upload your own documents.

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Publish any webpage in just a few clicks with the bookmarklet.


Document upload

Upload PDF or Microsoft Office documents to display them as downloadable previews on your content hub.



Tag your content. Order it the way you want. Make it easy for visitors?to access it.

Supplement your own resources?with curated content

Never run out of content. Use our suggestion engine to source relevant third-party content that supports and adds credibility to your message.

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Smart suggestion engine

Find the most popular, relevant and trending content on any keywords.


Add our javascript tracker to your landing pages to report and attribute content-generated conversions.


Our algorithms are smart and will learn from your actions?to prioritize content that meets your needs.

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