Publish curated content for targeted audience |

Publish curated content for targeted audience

Leverage curated content: store, share, categorize, and disseminate it

Increase content publication

Use curated content to boost the number of publications on your website.

Develop your thought leadership

Become the influential source in your area of expertise. Share opinions from other experts and add your insight to top industry news.

Boost your website traffic

Increase your ranking opportunities by publishing more web content.

Aggregate curated content on one or multiple websites

Automatically generate content by enriching news with your insights and publishing it on your website. Follow best practices to edit industry content and increase your site ranking.

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Publish content on multiple WordPress blogs

Use the white label WordPress integration to manage your websites and easily generate content. Increase your SEO and traffic by publishing white label content.

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Easily distribute curated content across all your social channels

Share curated content across multiple social channels or to your preferred social media management platform. Connect your corporate accounts and pages, as well as team accounts and share top-performing curated content.

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Generate white labeled newsletters for your target?audience in a few clicks

Create curated newsletters through a simple drag-and-drop interface using curated and uploaded content.

Work with predefined templates and adapt them to your brand in a few clicks or build custom HTML templates to make your newsletters completely unique.

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